• Conscience Bay Company
    Conscience Bay Company is a private equity firm that acquires and manages diverse real estate assets, ranging from multifamily, office and retail, to ranch and resort properties.
  • Boulder, Colorado
    We invest in sub-markets in Colorado with long-term economic potential and high barriers to entry.
  • Strategic Locations
    We acquire irreplaceable assets located in strategic in-fill locations.
  • Diverse Portfolio
    We combine land and stabilized assets in a diverse portfolio to manage risk and maximize returns.
  • Land Management
    We have expertise in ranch management, water rights, road and bridge construction, grazing, and fisheries.
  • Sustainability
    Our sustainability initiative enhances the tenant experience, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, moderates water demands and controls long term operating expenses.
  • Property Management
    Conscience Bay Management provides superior quality property management for our tenants.

Conscience Bay Company™ invests in unique real estate assets that generate dependable income and long-term capital appreciation. We equate property ownership with responsibility, and produce profits while practicing good stewardship.